I’ve been going to the doctors for the last few weeks for quite smoking sceem , and I fine  my self reading those horrible lifestyle and initreaer design magazines like “contrary life” . The bigegest problem I have is that they adividize British impreinist art exhibitions. Yes I know there payed to put there’s adds in the nothing magazine but what I take offence to is the term British imprsonisum .



the problem is that most people think that imprsonisum is a visual style and not a group of 11 artists (I don’t count Manet as he never exhibited with the rest of the Impressionists) . Now some elitist Oxford educated art dealer will say Sisley was British but come on he was I living and working in Paris and was not following the bakwords British art tradition. So if you go to one of the British imprsonisum exhibitions at a Musum ask if the artis exhibited at a one of the impressionist shows in Paris if not you are looking at a work of design and not art. If it’s a copy of the visual style and not a methored it’s not art it’s design . This argument can be argued to all this abstract painters on saatchi and resin painters , and all those fool who are imitating  basqiet and call it art .

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