The pros of this bookis that it has a long list of artist manifestos in one place , if you want to know the difference between the futurist movement and the dada movement it’s in there ideologyand not the style . There have been several artists who have jumped ship between different avant hard movements ,( Duchamp from the cubist To dada and Max Ernst from dada to the surrealistmovement.)


Now the layout of the book is good each manifesto has a opinionated historical introduction witch makes it difficult to reference with out more researchfor academicuse.



On the futurist manifesto


” This historic document announces not only the founding of Futurism, but also the beginning of thevery idea of an artists manifesto. It was at ones a new genre and a reinvention( or a remix) or its political original, the Communist Manifesto(1848)” 


Page 1



Nowif you read the whole Futurist manifesto there is no references to the Communist Manifestoand the firstpoliticalmanifesto is “The Baghdad Manifesto(1011) and “The United States Declaration of Independents (1776) both pressedthe Communist Manifesto . And just for fun the first art manifesto was the Symbolist Manifesto published in Le Figaro in 1886 . Twenty three years later the futurist manifesto was published in the same newspaper.


This is all just nit pickingthe culturalimpact of the of both the Communist and the Futurist Manifestos are relevant . I know I’m moreinfluenced bye the futurist than the symbolises and I leantowardsMarx’s politically .





Lucie-Smith, Edward. (1972) Symbolist Art. London: Thames & Hudson, p. 54

Becker, Declaration of Independence


Le Figaro, Le Futurisme, 1909/02/20

Alex Danscheve .(2011)100 Artist Manifestos from Futurists to the Stuckists ; Penguin Group

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