look we all know that Damien Hirst is a rip of merchant hes been stealing his work from his contemporaneous since the 90s .now hes riped off some Nigirean head scupltures

download (2).jpeg


i personally like this because its pissed off the annoying cultural Marxists that are trying to censor  our art  and accuse use of steeling from other cultures when the same shit.

Nigerian artist Victor Ehikhamenor is the main idiot in this  that took ofence to a nothing work of ripoff art,




now this look like a oil painting to me but i cant be sure from the image and lack of information on the artists website. so his attack on mr Hirst if it is a oil painting is just a publicity stunt becouse if he dose not know the history of oil painting then he should not accuse some one for steeling the art of other cultures and should apolagaise for steeling his medium from the dutch.

download (3).jpeg

    According to Giorgio Vasari (1511-1574) in his “Lives of the Artists” (Le vite de piu eccelenti pittori, scultori e architetori, Firenze, 1550), the technique of oil painting, as used till now with few technical modifications, was invented or re-invented in Europe around 1410 by Jan van Eyck (1390 -1441). In fact, as said before, this Flemish painter was not the first to use oil paint, his real achievement was the development of a stable varnish based on a siccative oil (mainly linseed oil) as the binder of mineral pigments. It could be established that the Van Eyck secret was a mixture of piled glass, calcined bones and mineral pigments in linseed oil maintained a long time up to a viscous state at boiling temperature. Besides linseed oil, walnut oil and poppy-seed oil were also used while not so quick-drying. It is probable that painters have already observed that these oils led to accelerated drying time of canvas under the sun. It seems that Van Eyck kept his secret up to about 1440, a few time before his death.

ive sed before that stealing ideas and expanding them is what makes art different from craft  so we should all stop pandering to thesis anti artist who are destroying our art.


  1. Interesting thoughts… but for me Hirst is just another one of those producers of shallow visual cliches that tend to wow certain brain-dead sections of the art world, i.e., art gallery curators and others of that ilk, i.e., those who have the power within the art establishment to impose their own worthless views and opinions on the rest of us.

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    1. Well unless your shopping at Sotheby’s or going to Hirsts own show I fined it it easy to ignore him if I realy want but one of my collectors dose have one of his shitty spinning paintings and always shows me it 😜

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