I have an odd process, first I wander, explore, look for sounds and light. I take an image in a violent action as if I'm chasing the sound or light. This process produces a photograph that documents the action. It's a psycho geographical exercise I have been developing since my uni days wandering Cardiff with a recording device following sounds around the city sometimes not even recording just exploring. 

Now the activity is more visual. Digital sketches are based around psycho geographical photographs. I find this aspect fun, working with technology like iPads and other tablets for reference in the final product. Now what can I say, it's a abstract painting, people can interpret art in anyway they like it's not for me to interfere with your experience.
Cardiff School of art and design 
Bachelor of Arts
Major: Fine Arts
Graduation: June 2014
Relevant Coursework:
advanced studio practice and exhibition
contemporary art history and theory
thinking though art
towards a free revolutionary art 

Thank you!
Battersea The Decorative Antiques & Textiles fair, jan 24-29 ,2017
The ArtboxProject Miami1.0 Art Basel Art Weeks 2016 at the Miami Beach, december, 2016
the annual arts and crafts exhibition, Liberty London 2016
Patch Rogers Art and Crafts department Liberty, Petworth Showroom. on sale
April 2015
sold out of Talulah Fox Petworth
December 2014
Organised a pop up show in petworth west sussex
June 2014
Fine Art Degree Show, group show at Howard Gardens, Cardiff.
November 2013
Modern Alchemists – ‘Autumn Show’, group show at Capitol Arcade Warehouse, Cardiff.
October 2013
‘Open house’, Made in Roath, group show at Roath, Cardiff.
April 2013
‘Bring Your Own Beamer’, group show at B.I.T. studios, Cardiff.